Geodrilling Bits Mfr. (GBM) is specialized in producing diamond core drilling tools, the diamond tools with premium class for the mining exploration and diamond core drilling (wireline core and double-tube core drilling ). All our products are made by ourselves.

    As the biggest manufacturer of the diamond core bits, reaming shells,PDC bits and exploration tools in china for ten years, we have setup the technology and products, and satisfy our customer's requirements for exploration drilling and project consulting.                           

    Based on Win-win relation-ship and long-term respectful relationships, we are able to supply a complete set of wireline and double-tube drilling equipments. We have advantages of the most competitive quality and timely services. We do our best to fabricate items you ordered as soon as we receive your purchase order.

    You will get the most satisfactory products, the best &timely service in your wireline core drilling exploration double-tabe core drilling project.